Classic Lomilomi Massage – 60min $99 / 75min $119 / 90min $139

Start your experience with our Aroma Bar and end with your choice of tea in our relaxation room.

  • Lomilomi – A Lomilomi massage is like no other. Through the wisdom of tradition and training, our therapists will assist your body in balancing and aligning the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional aspects thereby greatly reducing stress. This bodywork reaches into the DNA of individuals, bringing forth therapeutic effects that will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, rejuvenated, and inspired.

Specialty Lomilomi Massage – 60min $109 / 75min $129 / 90min $149

  • Aromatherapy Experience Lomilomi – Experience the power of nature, using the world’s finest essential oil that you select. In addition, enjoy a soothing eye treatment and the soft fragrance of rosewater spritz, which enhances the balancing and harmonizing of your mind and body.
  • Deep Tissue Lomilomi – In addition to the wonderful balancing effects of our Lomilomi massage, you can add deep tissue therapy to address a specific area that needs extra attention. We will incorporate the resolution of your concern with a fully relaxing massage experience to leave you feeling renewed, calm, and at ease.
  • Hapai (Prenatal) Lomilomi – The perfect massage for expecting mothers at any stage of their pregnancy. Our Prenatal massage can help regulate the hormones associated with stress, as well as provide relief from other discomforts.
  • Ola Tropical Lomilomi Massage – Balancing Lomilomi Massage using nutritious tropical scent body butter & coconut oil created in Hilo in Big Island.
  • Facelift Lomilomi – This relaxing service indulges the senses by combining all-natural Hawaiian Beauty products from Ola: Tropical Apothecary and the healing power of Lomilomi. Our therapists use massage techniques to stimulate the face’s blood flow leaving your skin firm and glowing. Our Facelift Lomi includes the use of a cleanser, toner, and mask chosen based on your skin type. You can also look forward to a luxurious neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massage throughout your service. *This service is not esthetic or skincare service.

Add a 30 min Facelift Lomilomi Massage to any full body massage for $50.

Deluxe Lomilomi Massage – 60 min $119/ 75 min $139 / 90 min $159

Choose Two Upgrades:

  • Aromatherapy Experience
  • Deep Tissue Lomi
  • Hapai (Prenatal)
  • Pohaku (Hot Stone) Neck & Shoulders
  • Pohaku (Hot Stone) Legs & Feet

Pohaku (Hot Stone) Lomilomi – 90 min $160
The energy and warmth of healing stones deepen the benefits
of a full-body Lomilomi massage through earth energy and grounding.

Ho’oponopono Lomi  with Kumu Eri- 90min $155 / 120min $210
Experience this ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness in a guided session throughout Lomilomi Massage Session with our Kumu Eri Mahealani.

Quick Table Lomilomi – 30min $59 / 45min $79
A relaxing on-the-table lomilomi that targets specific areas of the body that you choose.

Seated Lomilomi – 15min $25  / 30min $50
A stress-reducing seated lomilomi that includes a rejuvenating neck, shoulder, and back massage.

Keiki Lomilomi – 40min $65
Customized full-body  Lomilomi for children under 18 years of age.

Additional Services

  • Island Style Hair and Scalp Treatment –  ADD ON 30min $45
    This add-on treatment will give your scalp & hair a healthy boost by using the natural oils of coconut, kukui, avocado, and macadamia nut to condition and nourish, leaving hair glossy, soft, and healthy. Great for dry or damaged hair and for restoring balance to dry, flaky, and itchy scalps. For maximum results, this treatment is to be left on the scalp for 24 hours.
  • Foot Care Lomilomi – 30min $55 / 45min $85
    A wonderful treatment for our supportive feet that addresses all of the major organs of the body with a luxurious tropical fragrance.
  • Foot Bath – 15min $25 / 30min $50
    Our most popular add-on service! A warm foot soak with Hawaiian salt and pure essential oils followed by a mini foot lomi.
  • Steam – 15min $25
    Purify and relax the mind & body with a Lemongrass Eucalyptus Steam. Perfect for relaxing tense muscles before a Lomilomi massage.

Massage Add-On Services

*Add on prices can be used when purchased with treatments 40min or longer*

  • Pohaku (Hot Stone) on Neck & Shoulders — $10
  • Pohaku (Hot Stone) on  Legs ( knee down) — $10
  • Pohaku (Hot Stone) on Feet — $10
  • Himalayan Salt Stones on Neck & Shoulders — $10
  • Himalayan Salt Stones on Legs ( knee down ) — $10
  • Himalayan Salt Stones on Feet — $10
  • 10 Minute Peppermint Scalp Massage —  $15
  • Extra 15 Minute Lomi — $20
  • 15 Minute Foot Bath – $20
  • 30 Minute Foot Bath – $40


30min Service – Body Scrub & Shower $60

45min – Body Scrub-Mud Mask-Scalp Massage & Shower $75

60min Service – Body Scrub, Shower, & Quick Shoulder Lomilomi with Body Butter $100

90min Service – Body Scrub, Shower, Foot Soak, & Mini Lomilomi $140

120min Service – Body Scrub, Shower, Steam, Foot Soak, Full Body Lomilomi $185

  • Hawaiian ‘Anai Body Scrub – This body scrub uses an amazing line of organic Hawaiian products with delicious tropical fragrances that will stimulate and rejuvenate your senses. Choose between Coconut, Pikake, and Passionfruit scents blended into a sugar scrub that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth while moisturizing and accentuating your natural beauty.
  • Hawaiian Noni, Lavender & Honey Scrub – Experience the hydrating & healing powers of honey, lavender, and noni (The healing fruit of the Polynesian cultures.) These ingredients are used to soften skin while removing dead skin cells. This treatment is followed by a relaxing Lomilomi with a luxurious lavender body oil to complete your Lomilomi Hana Lima experience.
  • Ono Manoa Chocolate Scrub – We’ve partnered with our neighbors to create the ultimate chocolate lover’s scrub. This amazing and indulgent full body treatment conditions and exfoliates by using the healing properties of organic Kona coffee and the antioxidant properties of pure cocoa. This body scrub is followed by a vanilla coconut oil Lomilomi that will leave your skin feeling smooth and delicious like a chocolate treat.
  • Hawaiian Sugar Scrub & Dead Sea Mud Mask – Experience the healing powers of our Dead Sea Mud Mask. This treatment is great for relieving skin disorders such as breakouts, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, and vitiligo. Dead Sea Mud also exfoliates, hydrates, detoxifies, and cleanses your skin leaving you glowing and radiant.


  • Pua Melia – $119 – Foot Bath & Lomilomi
  • Maika’I – $119 –  Steam & Lomilomi
  • Moana – $134 –  Lomilomi with additional 10minute Scalp Massage & choice of two Pohaku (Hot Stones) on either Neck & Shoulders, Lower Back, or Legs.
  • Ola – $139 –  Steam, Foot Bath, Lomilomi
  • ‘Aina – $154 –  Foot Bath, Lomilomi with additional 10minute Scalp Massage & two choices of  Pohaku (Hot Stones) on either Neck & Shoulders, Lower Back, or Legs.
  • Hana Lima Special – $174 – Steam, Foot Bath, & Lomilomi with additional 10minute Scalp Massage and two choices of Pohaku (Hot Stones) on either Neck & Shoulders, Lower Back, or Legs.
  • ‘Ilima – $188 – Lomilomi & Hana Lima Facial
  • Queen Kapi’olani Special – $204 –  Steam,  Foot Care, Lomilomi with additional 10minute Scalp Massage, and two choices of Pohaku (Hot Stones) on either Neck & Shoulders, Lower Back, or Legs.
  • Queen Lili’uokalani Special – $293 –  Steam, Foot Care, Lomilomi with 10minute Scalp Massage & two choices of Pohaku (Hot Stones) on either Neck & Shoulders, Lower Back, or Legs, & Hana Lima Facial
  • Quick Lihau – $110 –  30min Lomilomi & 30min Facial
  • Relax Lihau – $154 –  60min Lomilomi & 30min Facial
  • Rejuvenate Lihau – $154 –  30min Lomilomi & 60min Facial